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Acerbity Shang Yu
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Fokelore has one fortified mountain village in mountain of Guizhou southeast seedling a long time ago, body of stockaded village old old is fat, climb the bank below slope very demanding. , when the daughter-in-law cooks, put some of water more carelessly, it is dip of redundant hot rice water then in an earth crock. After 45 days, after rice water classics ferments, become clear thorough is transparent, carry tart flavor slightly, use the fish that boil, its flavour is delicious and unusual, stockaded village often eats with pleasure, from now on daughter-in-law commonly used this kind of acerbity rice water boils a fish, if things go on like this, stockaded village often becomes aware the body is light gradually body be good at, go up hill is declivous no longer arduous. This thing spreads everywhere to seedling mountain fortified mountain village very quickly, domestic home eagerly follow the lead of, "Acerbity Shang Yu " from this get about. This dish passes into Guiyang by Guizhou southeast, develop quickly in Guiyang and carry forward, renown raise global. Folk uses an edge to boil the chaffy dish form that the edge feeds normally, match with other and fresh vegetable, make its nutrition more rich.

Guizhou is a multiracial area, be good at making acid, yi Xi feeds acid. Have a folk song: "3 days do not take sick at heart, hit leap up leap up on foot " . Acerbity soup is had appetizing be good at lienal effect. In Guizhou numerous acerbity Shang Zhong, with seedling home acid soup is most famous, the place of its extraordinary is acerbity sweet rich, it is the gust name dish of Miao Zu tradition. Miao Zu sister lives in Dashanli, hill tall great distance, almost domestic home has acerbity world, 9 little, several much, even a few. The spring that seedling home makes the Shang Qu that make acid go up from the high mountain and the sweet glutinous wine that plant oneself are made and become, flavour distinctive, acerbity delicacy is goluptious, flavor in Chinese style boil model in the flavor that did not find acerbity soup special flavor.

The sort of Guizhou acerbity soup still has a lot of kinds, if be mixed with the quality of soup clear degree will divide have high acerbity boiling water, on acerbity soup, 2 acid soup, clear acerbity boiling water, thick acerbity soup; Will differentiate to have with the flavour of soup: Soup of salty acerbity boiling water, hot acerbity boiling water, hemp hot acid, fresh acerbity boiling water, acerbity acerbity soup; Delimit with the raw material of soup also have: Acerbity boiling water of acerbity soup of hot horn of acerbity soup of acerbity soup of acerbity soup of acerbity soup of gallinaceous acerbity soup, fish acerbity soup, shrimp, flesh, egg, bean curd, wool, food; If differentiate with the nation,again acid of acid of Miao Zu acid, the Dong nationality, aquatic animals acid, the Bouyei nationality waits. Among them acerbity boiling water of acerbity soup of hot horn of the piscine acerbity soup with Miao Zu, wool, food, hot acerbity boiling water is most common.
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