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The bean curd of red oily rice that 8 size eat
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Rice bean curd is Guizhou famous fastfood, advocate if be in,the summer regards as disappear heat food. It is to choose rice of Guiyang this locality to make raw material, oar of water wear rice is added after rice pan immerses, next conflagration is boiled make, make it " bean curd " . The section when eating is put dish inside, dish of the kohlrabi that will cut again, salt, crisp soya bean, crisp earthnut, chopped green onion is put at rice bean curd, put the condiment such as water of juice of oil of red oil, sesame oil, Chinese prickly ash, soy, vinegar, ginger, garlic to be opposite with small bowl juice, irrigate drench go up at rice bean curd can.

Guiyang person eats rice bean curd is the spice of bean curd having rice actually, because this is red,the spice of fried bean curd matchs morer. Its characteristic is colour and lustre Gong Liang, sweet hot goluptious, cool and refreshing. Friend says his " bean curd of red oily rice " .

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