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The Guiyang that 8 size eat spends brook beef pink
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Guiyang beef pink is written down with spending brook king most famous, there is several chains store inside Guiyang city, big run slope and manage the comparison of first floor of road culmination square becames famous, registered office is in Hua Xi. Because have,fasten famed at the distinctive soup bottom of other Guizhou pink, want ability queueing up to eat commonly. Beef is stewed know sth thoroughlily, cut very thinly, hua Weiren of ground rice bright, soup flavour is full-bodied, hot very hot delicacy is sweet after Sa Shangzun expects, mixing the sweet thick smell of full-bodied chili and beef. Buy a ticket to carry pink, 3 yuan a bowl, add irrigate a head to calculate additionally.

Small stick person: Put normally on beef pink a few " lotus is white " , namely a kind of the pickle that our common weighs, make with cabbage. Acid is sweet goluptious, very appetizing, go " Wang Ji " must remember calling a girl to help you put lotus grey more.

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