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The bean curd dumpling that 8 size eat
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A dumpling of fastfood bean curd of Guiyang with Lei Jiawei authentic. According to legend of dumpling of thunder home bean curd calls Lei Sanniang's woman initiate for Guiyang, heretofore already had more than 70 years of histories. Dumpling gives priority to makings treatment with bean curd and become, color is shown brown, outside fragile inside tender. Soy, chopped green onion, chili, sesame oil, vinegar is used when edible deserve to dip in water, take the advantage of heat to dip in feed, bright is fragile tender slip, aroma is tangy, 5 wool money. Still can use silk of thin thin bamboo strip 35 a string, very convenient. The most authentic bean curd dumpling is visitting government office on the west road.

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