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The fruit of amative bean curd that 8 size eat
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"Fruit of amative bean curd " it is Guiyang famous gust is fastfood. Its advocate expecting is the white bean curd that cuts growing square is small. When making, make iron oil is wiped on the bed that bake, fall to make fuel with branny carapace, will bean curd piece is put on the iron bed that bake to flip through ceaselessly, to leather lubricious Huang Liang can. When eating, return match additionally inside the saucer that waits for spice of soy, gourmet powder, sweet vinegar, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad chili, balm, chopped green onion, Jiang Mo, take the advantage of heat to dipping in to eat. Its characteristic is outside fragile inside tender, salty hot bright slips, glibly delicious, and good in quality and cheap in price, carry convenient, economic time, the masses that is fashionable Guizhou is fastfood.

"Fruit of amative bean curd " the name that is fruit of the bean curd that bake. It has a such name, because a romantic story of its popularity and period of War of Resistance Against Japan is concerned,be. 1939, big our country north, the eastpart part, mid land already under cruel oppression of the people of fall Japan aggressor troops, to enlarge aggression further, the Japanese army still has air attack to southwest rear area. At that time, guiyang also is the main goal that they assault. Guiyang from by air attack hind, alarm is frequent, sometimes a day a few. Environs east hill, Peng Jiaqiao is taken is the hide ground that people avoids air attack. There are a pair of Zhang Hua of year of close fifty years old near Peng Jiaqiao abundant couple, the thatched cottage between number was built in vegetable plot, as make " fruit of the bean curd that bake " field, the fruit of the bean curd that bake that has made here is taken set booth and peddle somewhere else. After air attack begins, these a few thatched cottage were become avoid the place of air attack, person bearer is gone to, very lively. Couple of Zhang Hua abundant also does not go into the street because of air attack do business, their discovery hides the person of alarm often starves in the abdomen, cannot come home again repast, become monarch of lane of this a few intercrop store, to hide the person of alarm sells fruit of the bean curd that bake. Because bake speed of bean curd fruit fast, taste simple, low-cost, can allay one's hunger, opened market very quickly.

Average person eats bean curd fruit often is satisfy a craving for delicious food or allay one's hunger, ate to go. Only the young men and women in a few be passionately in love, buy fruit of a dish of bean curd however, dipping in chili water, to nibble slow pharynx, talk of everything, sit even if a long time. Still have a few young people, often also get together here, mention love to come gradually. They forgot aerial menace it seems that, regard Home Zhang store as the place that fall in love, appear more romantic, became a much-told story of street gossip temporarily. As time passes, people often says to eat fruit of the bean curd that bake to eat fruit of amative bean curd, zhang couple is flat fruit of the bean curd that bake incognito for " fruit of amative bean curd " . This one romance affects the kid of complete Guiyang very quickly, they come round to sample in succession.
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