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Free Shuttle bus to open the hotel to attract gamblers gambled
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In order to attract foreign casino gamblers come to play their hands, the town of lions resting on the village of Kam still an underground casino owner specializes in a number of Jiudiankaifang between the lions, so gamblers stay free of charge, also arranged for shuttle bus every day they gambled. Yesterday, Shishi City Public Security Bureau held a news conference, informed that, after posing undercover police investigation is still in the town of resting on the village of Kam's this big gambling dens have been destroyed, the scene and arrested 25 gambling-related personnel, the collection of 28 million yuan of gambling money . Casino outsmarted the police to hide the village November 22 this year, the police received a report from the masses, said Jin in the Shishi town resting on the village still has a casino, recently many foreigners came to gambling, a huge amount of gambling money. Come to join in order to attract foreign gamblers, the casino boss was still more than Jiudiankaifang lions, to provide accommodation for these foreign gamblers, also arrange shuttle bus every day gamblers gambled. Back in August, the police had had a fight on the casino, but because the terrain, before the police arrived, the lookout who had informed gamblers to flee ahead of the police action that outsmarted. Today, more than 3 months of time in the past, the casino owner that the limelight is over, they began to return to prostitution. Police posing as undercover to find out the line To find out the casino case, the police posing as gamblers to the casino for secret investigations. Police found the casino usually resting on the village were located in the open space outside the room, with iron and canvas temporary corrugated shelves, often changing locations to avoid police detection. In addition, the casinos are located in the selected villages deep in places, Village Road, narrow and twisty, the passage of vehicles, in the Village Road entrance to the casino owner who also arranged for the lookout, and the gamble every time only about an hour, the police arrested rather difficult large. Police several times in the middle of the night the location of the gambling investigation, leading to the casino to find out the various pieces of Village Road. Police also found the arrangement a day two gambling casinos, Japanese field is from 1 pm to 2 am, Night is from 7 pm to 8 pm, gambling time is generally one hour, and the police just staggered working hours. Clean Sweep Road police initiated security Dec. 9 at 1 pm, the police decided to arrest action. Police have initiated security measures, in accordance with the check out the location line, quietly away from the casino lookout personnel, quickly and accurately reach the intended location, and at the same time, the containment of the casino arrest, was arrested Qiumou etc. 5 management personnel and 20 be unwise to bet the gamblers, gambling money seized 28 million yuan. Under questioning, most of these gamblers from Nanping, Ningde and other places. Where they gamble, bet the minimum amount of 1,000 yuan for each, no limit, casino playing the pumping into profit. Moreover, the casino gamblers are also based on the different geographical and gambling money to provide them with different levels of hotel rooms. In addition, among Candu and out of the casino are familiar with each other, unfamiliar faces are not allowed entry into gambling, unless there are other staff referral, which is the reason for a deep and hidden the casino. Currently, Qiumou other casino 5 on suspicion of the crime have been lions Jingfangxingju, and 20 gamblers were also imposed administrative penalties.

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