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Guests of the wealth of property against theft Holiday Inn Hotel
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Traveling on business or inevitable to stay, the hotel is also protecting the customer's property for granted. Can sometimes backfire, the customer after the property stolen in the hotel, such things often happen suddenly, there are difficult to identify the responsibility, so the hotel security and services to become a top priority, how can you protect a good customer property security? Hotels in the event of such circumstances is how to do it, an interview with these two issues in Zhejiang Fortune Miss Zhang Lei, deputy general manager, Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn is a wealth of Zhejiang Jiaxing port from the investment in Ocean Real Estate Development Company by the National Tourism four-star standard foreign-related business of the hotel, is located 385 West Zhongshan Road in the urban areas. Location and convenient transportation. Zhejiang Fortune Holiday Inn as a member of the Governance Ltd., hotel accommodation, catering, business and shopping. 16-storey hotel has 168 deluxe rooms, fully equipped house. "Strengthening of the site management, information must be detailed in the registration" Zhang told reporters girls, Zhejiang Fortune Holiday Inn upon arrival guests will be asked whether valuables, storage recommendations, if any valuables in the safe reception; and let guests fill out a detailed check-in information. Check the information is necessary, first thing in the event of theft of customer property, the stay at the hotel registration information can help to find customers, and can deal with the problem and customers to communicate; Second, the guests after check if any items left behind, the hotel side timely notify customers quickly to avoid the loss of other customers. Hotel room was still warm at the prompt cards to remind customers valuables safekeeping, rooms equipped with safe, as the guests do not want the insurance front storage room, storage room can be considered safe. "The waiter to step up training efforts stronger" Waiter training, enhanced training efforts, the waiter education. When the guests check out of the room attendants and inspection personnel to conduct a detailed examination of goods, when the next guests check in place. Once a waiter if the property involved in the theft of the guests throughout the hotel issued a circular and immediately fired, charged to the file. Of course, have to maintain the stability of staff, Zhejiang Fortune Hotel opening date from 08 customers to steal items without incident occurred attendants. "Stolen things happen, the proposed warning" In the event of theft of customer property matters, the proposed warning, so that both parties accountable. The very fact that such things happened after some hotels do not want to alarm the guests that the hotel honor the alarm damage can in fact alert to ensure the interests of both. No responsibility in the case of the hotel the hotel is also clean, but also give the guests a satisfactory explanation. Because the hotel is not all places have control, not a bad description of the place where the monitor, so the hotel with the help the police is the best solution. It is true can only help the case law and the law will give it a truth. Some of the guests time for tight problems, understand the very fact that the hotel guests feel special, they do not want to happen, so they will be the hotel party guests were under different circumstances such as house prices accordingly to make up for relief. Summary: Hope that the successful business travel, travel wish trip, stay at the hotel also hope all the best. So, how unhappy in such consumption occurs as little as possible, so that businesses and consumers are less susceptible to losses? Urged the business sector, first of all, businesses should be possible to take the necessary and strict preventive measures to improve the security level, and strengthen the sense of responsibility, in particular, to encourage site operators, posted a clear warning. Consumers also should look at themselves and their belongings to carry, and enhance self-protection awareness, active preventive measures, thereby reducing the consumption losses.

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