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Information technology programs of the hotel industry
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One. Overview With the further opening of markets, intense competition in the hotel industry. Hotel management level and service quality will be able to win customers, stable source of decision factors, and use of information networks are an important means to improve the management level. How to use IT technology to provide more effective information sharing, internal and meticulous management, to provide good and safe Internet environment, the hotel has been the development of enterprise information issues must be faced The current hotel industry during the information construction of the main problems encountered: 1) Hotel for the upgrading of information technology is bound to have a lot of money into and affect the determination of the hotel information. 2) The application of a number of software and hardware equipment, system dispersion, integration is not high, affecting the application of results. II. Requirements Analysis Hotel enterprise information application in the following areas 1) The establishment of local area hotels, and office network and customer base is divided into 2) Internal office can be carried out smoothly through the network file sharing, information sharing; 3) through the hotel business systems, financial systems and other systems to achieve information management, statistics, preservation; 4) The hotel set up websites and forums, external network publicity, reflecting the corporate culture, online communication; 5) Plug and Play Internet customers, and keep the network stable, fast, capable of network management; 6) the establishment of the hotel company mail system, internal mail application; III. Solutions Based on the above development of the industry demand and the demand characteristics, we can see that the hotel industry when making information technology a strong sense of information, but also personal experience to the need for information, but in the information construction process, we hope to have "low cost, high integration, high availability, ease of use good "solution. Shenzhen Jiaxin launched the information service platform - Broadband host can quickly meet the information needs of the hotel industry. Network topology is as follows: With the host network gateways are deployed at the hotel exit, as shown above: 1, a broadband host firewall protection, Internet behavior of the network management control, virus filtering, spam filtering. 2, the network is divided into sub-office from the physical network and customer base of two networks; 3, DHCP server automatically distribute IP, customers plug and play Internet access, while two lines use the backup each other to ensure stable and continuous network lines; 4, the deployment of the hotel site and blog forums online for exchange; 5, scalable deployment of hotel business management system, hotel reservation, check-out, finance, customer information and other information sharing; 6, deployment of FTP, file servers, file sharing, remote download, internal information sharing; 7, the establishment of the hotel mail service system; 8, and branches set up VPN network, remote security interconnect and exchange data; 9, the system automatic data backup, data backup programs are foolproof; IV. Program strengths 1, low cost 2, the integration program, high integration 3, the investment cycle is short, quick, low risk 4, scalability, investment protection 5, the program hosted services and more

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