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Hotel of Guizhou China the United Nations General Assembly
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Hotel of Guizhou China the United Nations General Assembly is a restaurant of omnibus SamSung class concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, in April 1993 practice, hang out his shingle formally 1999, passed attestation of ISO9001 quality system in October 2001, decorated afresh 2005. Hotel building is 20 tall, have of all kinds guest room 142 (set) , room all ready, guest room decorates high elegance, elaborate and chic. Long distance call of home of system of central air conditioning, international, confuse the everything needed is ready such as your bar, safe. The area between hotel mark 20 smooth rice, administrative floor provides broadband online service freely. The hotel is located in inside Guiyang city in China of the most flourishing block the heart region of the road, also be the ground that the office building inside city collects at the same time; Traffic is convenient, shop convenient. Be apart from a railway station 10 minutes distance, be apart from an airport 15 minutes distance. The hotel uses up all guest place to need, have the establishment of form a complete set such as of all kinds assembly room, business affairs, recreation all ready, meticulous and convenient efficient major serves, make can satisfactory residence stops the guest in China couplet.

Astral class: 3 stars class

Practice time: Decorate time: Address: The road in China of city of Guizhou Province Guiyang 137 postcodes: Of short duration of 550001 does not have a map Be apart from downtown (kilometer) : 0   railway station (kilometer) : Airport of 3 (kilometer) : All round 15 landscape: Big crossed square downtown fountain Guesthouse room condition Room door market price pays valence breakfast now downstage on the weekend remarks of condition of room of valence head day The B RMB 428 RMB 278 between double bed Double portion breakfast, 278 of Chinese and Western good The B RMB 428 RMB 278 between single bed Single share breakfast, 278 of Chinese and Western good The A RMB 468 RMB 318 between single bed
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