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Guiyang 栢 pauses hotel
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栢 pauses the hotel is located in region of heart of Guiyang city shopping centre, the position is predominant, can move back and forth come-and-go at each big business mansion, shopping sightseeing, extremely convenience, railway station and airport all are in very close, all hold climate favourable geographical position. Decorate decorous bright beautiful, the public house with extraordinary air is big, admirable and advanced establishment reachs perfect and considerate service, your hotel turns up his nose at Tong Chai, make the model of hotel of business affairs of 4 stars class. Step into a hotel to experience the service of the arrangement of fine meaning and sincerity namely every time, make every guest feel be just as bath in sun of Yu Dong day. A stupid person is set inside the hotel 14 guest room, the elaborate design of flatlet of administrative business affairs reachs the hand that decorating all is out a person of academic or artistic distinction, to rush about the travel of business of China and foreign countries of each district offers comfortable, convenient house to stop. Guest room reachs flatlet, equipment is advanced and perfect, cooperate guest place adequately to need.

Astral class: 4 stars class

Practice time: Decorate time: Address: Yan'an of city of Guizhou Province Guiyang east road 18 postcodes: Of short duration of 550001 does not have a map Be apart from downtown (kilometer) : Airport of 0 (kilometer) : Railway station of 13 (kilometer) : All round 8 landscape: Downtown fountain Guesthouse room condition Room door market price pays valence breakfast now downstage on the weekend remarks of condition of room of valence head day Advanced room RMB 1035 RMB 408 408 good Advanced room (contain sheet early) RMB 1035 RMB 438 438 of single share breakfast good Luxurious room RMB 1060 RMB 468 468 good Advanced room (contain double early) RMB 1035 RMB 468
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