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Guiyang happy event will enter expensive boat public house
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Guiyang happy event will ascend expensive boat hotel to be located in the shopping centre with Guiyang the most flourishing downtown, sit embrace Na Minghe two sides is picturesque kind of beautiful scene, it is hotel of Guiyang city's ritziest 5 stars class. Hotel traffic is convenience, 5 minutes can reach a railway station, be apart from the airport 13 kilometers, need car Cheng 15 minutes only. The hotel has the guest room of 346 comfortable elegance, include 41 flatlet and suite of a president among them. The design inside the room is sweet and refined, be full of contemporary breath. All guest room all deserve to interface of broadband of TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal, high speed and happy event will ascend particular sweet the bed of the dream. The bathroom is decorated capacious and comfortable, deserve to have selva sprinkler head. Luxurious SPA, gymnastical center and administrative wine corridor offer first-rate for the guest recreational space. The dining-room of Chinese and Western of each different and bar invite the style you have a good swim the brigade of the cate of profusion. Exceed big conference space, top-ranking meeting extends establishment and professional dinner service, satisfy you to each model the demand of the conference and banquet.

Astral class: Follow 5 stars course

Practice time: Decorate time: Address: The road austral Guiyang city China 49 postcodes: Of short duration of 550002 does not have a map Be located in flourishing urban district, have Li star general merchandise, wo Erma supermarket, people square, space railway station has Cheng of 5 minutes of cars only. All round landscape: Square of people of floor of show of armour of big crossed square Guesthouse room condition Room door market price pays valence breakfast now downstage on the weekend remarks of condition of room of valence head day Luxurious (contain sheet early) RMB 1880 RMB 880 880 of single share breakfast good Luxurious (contain double early) RMB 1880 RMB 960 960 of double portion breakfast good Between high official (contain sheet early) RMB 2280 RMB 1030
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