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Guiyang Guizhou restaurant
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Guizhou restaurant is Guizhou Province is the biggest have international the restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of level of 4 stars grade, repose at Guiyang town's bustling Beijing road, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, traffic is convenient. Hotel facilities facilities is advanced form a complete set, communication is quick, service function is all ready. Have guest room 400 (set) , the room is capacious and comfortable. Have office of medium, Western-style food, the advanced auditoria with high-grade banqueting hall and top-ranking establishment, muti_function hall, can offer on 1000 people at the same time have dinner is mixed attend a meeting. Still discotheque, card pulls card of OK hall, billiards, bowling, sauna, fitness, chess, hairdressing to beautify hair wait for recreational service. Bazaar of restaurant have as an attached institution, foreign currency is changed, center of baggage check, business affairs, airline ticket, train ticket does sth for sb, travel sightseeing and hotel management seek advice wait for of all kinds service. The hotel provides the following and favourable service: 1, receive freely machine, time freely send machine (everyday 6 times) 2, free sauna and fitness. 3. Bowling 8 lose privilege

Astral class: 4 stars class

Practice time: Decorated time 2003: Address: Road of Beijing of city of Guizhou Province Guiyang 66 postcodes: Of short duration of 550004 does not have a map Take a taxi to need 30 minutes probably to restaurant from airport of fort of Guiyang dragon hole directly, fare 50 yuan; Restaurant sets Guizhou restaurant reception desk in airport exit, can receive freely machine send aircraft service. Also can take civil aviaton bus to reach the urban district in the airport road of abide by justice gets off (fare 10 yuan / person) , from abide by justice road takes a bus again 1 2 fall to Guizhou restaurant perhaps can take a taxi 10 yuan. Sit directly from the railway station all the way the car gets off to Guizhou restaurant can all round landscape: Not have Guesthouse room condition Room door market price pays valence breakfast now downstage on the weekend remarks of condition of room of valence head day Between the standard (hind) RMB 483 RMB 288
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