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Guiyang is magical big public house (Miracle Hotel)
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Guiyang city is the city of say Guizhou Province provincial capital that has “ garden to save ” , travel is resourceful, minority amorous feelings is numerous.
Magical big public house is hotel of business affairs of international of class of a 4 stars, 2004 bottom complete new clothes is repaired, brand-new guest room matchs the sound insulation of particular vacuum double deck in hotel of stock Guiyang downtown and the toilet that can open a window, it is the optimal choice of the travel of business affairs. The hotel still sets blame smoking guest room and disabled guest room, comfortable, elegant guest room all deserves to have independent pilot TV of satellite of central air conditioning, international, international / connector of domestic phone direct dial, network, confuse you bar, coffee, tea pours water implement, room password ark and blower.
The dining-room in quiet and tastefully laid out and comfortable Fu Manyuan, the hall of Ao Luoma Western-style food of delicate elegance, and brand-new the Charlie of the design reach KTV to include a house, let a guest enjoy a series of cate, recreation and recreational choice. Have complete conference establishment and overall dinner service more, capacious gymnastical center, indoor swimming-pool, sauna and massage service, it is the first selection of travel and business affairs personage.

Astral class: 4 stars class

Practice time: Decorated time 1998: 2004 address: Guiyang Beijing road a postcode: Of short duration of 550004 does not have a map Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 15 is apart from from Guiyang railway station (kilometer) : 5.5 is apart from from downtown (kilometer) : All round 2 landscape: Guizhou spirit park, Jia Xiulou Guesthouse room condition Room door market price pays valence breakfast now downstage on the weekend remarks of condition of room of valence head day Advanced the RMB 920 RMB 368 between double bed Not have—Good pair bed room Advanced the RMB 920 RMB 368 between big bed Not have—Good greatly bed room Advanced between big bed [sheet is early] RMB 920 RMB 398
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