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Magical gold builds Guiyang big public house (Yuan Guiyang gold builds big publi
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Contain is worn the Guizhou Province provincial capital of substantial natural resources- - Guiyang city, the ” of “ downy bright phearl that is known as Chinese southwest. Magical gold builds the Guiyang of 4 stars class big public house, repose at the way of treasure mountain north with convenient traffic, be apart from Long Dongbao International Airport 12 kilometers, be apart from a railway station 3 kilometers, be apart from recreational shopping center 0 kilometers. The Huang Guo of hotel and famed far and near establishs chute each shining more brilliantly in the other's company, make the brigade of your Guizhou efficient and satisfied, without the regret.
The hotel shares 180 elaborate design to reflect Guizhou brightly the guest room of region culture characteristic and flatlet, the president that shows originality among them is covered room let you all be shown exalted, ad hoc administrative club starts business chance again for you. The hotel still sets guest room of blame smoking area, lady to use room and disabled special guest room. All guest room configure central air conditioning, home direct dial / connector of TV of satellite of international long distance call, international, network, confuse your bar, coffee / tea pours water implement, bathroom of safe, small freezer, form a complete set, wind canister.
Hotel dining-room of many much Asia- - of Asian amorous feelings decorate style, gather together elite of cate of southeast Asia each country. Here you can enjoy elegant afternoon tea and luxurious self-help dinner; Corridor of old hall wine- - …… of chair of tree of sunshine, coconut, cane, tweedle experiences sweet, quiet and tastefully laid out music, article drink sweet strong coffee, infinite and satisfied all be in static excessive elegance; Guizhou drunk lane- - cate of assemble north and south, gust is fastfood it is local meal a special skill more; Bruce is met- - be located in a hotel to carry a layer on the head, hall of open circle glass, guiyang beautiful scenery all stops eye ground. Environmental elegant happy person, atmosphere nobility, romantic, it is the good place that successful personage reachs friendly, business affairs to negotiate.
The hotel has perfect conference and party establishment, hall mixes the shindig do not have column that includes to be able to hold 400 more than person 150 more than person is muti_function assembly room of hall, honoured guest and a certain number of gorgeous elegant etc. The our rich professional party that does meeting experience and high level serves, will surely think what you think, do your place to need, will make your business affairs or recreational activity receive ideal explanatory note.

Astral class: 4 stars class
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