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Guiyang is big hotel (Dazheng Hotel)
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What provide Ou Shijian to build a style alone is big the hotel is located in “ the 2nd spring south city of city ” Guiyang bright riverside, face a window to be able to admire Guiyang to indicate the gender builds Jia Xiulou and maternal river beautiful scene, situation is advantaged.
Hotel interior establishment is all ready, the of all kinds guest room such as room of flatlet of stock double entry, luxurious flatlet, standard; Have a color hall of the meal bag room of each different and banqueting hall, coffee, can supply 300 Yu Ren repast at the same time; And in order to perfect home of business affairs center, assembly room, international the multinomial service function such as room of card of special railway line of data of TV of satellite of long-distance, international, network, chess, bazaar, gym, sauna. Communication is easy, be apart from the airport to need 15 minutes only, be apart from a railway station to need 5 minutes only. Do not beg the biggest, but beg optimal. The hotel will provide the most excellent service for you, make you experience the warmth like the home.

Astral class: 3 stars class

Practice time: Decorated time 2001: Address: Guiyang alley aing shady retreat on a green hill 60 postcodes: Of short duration of 550002 does not have a map Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 5 is apart from from Guiyang railway station (kilometer) : 15 is apart from from downtown (kilometer) : All round 0 landscape: Park of guest of Jia Xiulou, Yang Ming ancestral temple, river Guesthouse room condition Room door market price pays valence breakfast now downstage on the weekend remarks of condition of room of valence head day Odd world RMB 580 RMB 230 230 of breakfast of self-help of Chinese and Western good The RMB 680 RMB 270 between the standard 270 of breakfast of self-help of Chinese and Western good The RMB 780 RMB 310 between scenery mark
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